Tea Strainer Made in USA Honey Dipper Made in USA Ice Cream Scoop Made in America Classic Paisley Bandanas
Cherry Wood Tea Strainer
Our Price: $15.95
Honey Dipper
Our Price: $8.95

Made in America - Pennsylvania

This beautiful tea strainer is not just for looks. The rich Cherry Wood cover insulates the heat within the cup as the delicate leaves of your loose tea are steeping.

Made in America - Pennsylvania

This unique honey dipper mimics the way bees store honey. It collects honey into its cone shaped openings to made it easy to drizzle honey into tea.

Made in America - Iowa

Unique design from 1948 to scoop out the hardest ice cream with less stress on your wrist. Great for scooping seeds from pumpkins and squash too.

Made in America - Carolina

These are your grandparent's bandanas. They wore them in the fields, on horses and made craft projects. They are the ONLY bandanas Made in the USA.
Screw Key Made in USA Vegetable Peeler Made in America Toddler & Children Hickory Stripe Overalls | Made in USA Steel Folding Scissors Made in America
EDC Screw Key
Our Price: $8.95
Steel Folding Scissors
Our Price: $7.95

Made in America - California

Best Seller. It is simple, small & easily fits with your keys.

Made in America - Iowa

This swivel peeler self adjusts as pressure is applied and has surgical quality high carbon stainless steel blades.

Made in USA - Shawnee, Oklahoma

These are the overalls we grew up with. Round House overalls began in 1903 for railroad workers in Shawnee.

Made in America - Oregon

These are surgical sharp scissors that can be easily folded for safety and carried in your pocket or purse.
High Tech Tweezers Made in USA Mister Rogers Trolley Made in USA Manual Can Opener Made in USA Pizza Cutter Made in America
High Tech Tweezers
Our Price: $7.95
Mister Rogers Trolley
Our Price: $64.95

Made in America - Connecticut

You may associate tweezers will pulling out splinters but this precision tool solves many of life's little frustrations.

Made in America - Pennsylvania

The finely detailed wooden trolley comes with 4-wooden pieces for play: King Friday, Queen Sara, Daniel Tiger, and 1 blank to draw your own character.

Made in America - Missouri

This made in USA manual can opener is heavy duty. The weight and quality will surprise you.

Made in America - Iowa

This USA stainless steel pizza cutter has a sharp blade and 4.5 ounces of weight to easily cut through any thickness of crust without any hassle.

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